Please let us know if your furry friend has any allergies or stomach sensitivity

This 10 inch barkuterie boards have high qulity protiens. Most of the yummy items on the board have single ingredients and perfect for all breeds and life stages.



Mini Shrimps

Pure Alaskan Salmon

Pure Icelandic Cod Skin

Pure Lamb

Pure Beef

Beef Jerky

Pure Chicken Breast

Chicken Jerky

Pure Turkey

Bacon Crumbles

Paw Cookie

Fresh Fruits or Veggies for Houston based orders


Our products have:

No Hormones,

No Antibiotics,

No Artificial Flovorings,

No Preservatives,

No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals,

No Filliers or Bulking Agents,

No Soy


We have while wheat or gluten free options for the Cookie.


If your dog has any allergies or stomach sensitivity,  please contact me before placing the order! We can customize the board according to your dog's needs.


This product is shipped withing USA

Barkuterie Board 10 inch