Please let us know if your furry friend has any allergies or stomach sensitivity


These delicious, home-made  Birthday Cake is freshly baked upon your order. All recipes feature %100 human grade ingredients. They are completely safe for furry friends.

The size of Birthday Cake is 5 inches. The cake comes with 1 happy birthday topper.


Please always ask before serve if the dog has any allergies or the stomach sensitivity.Please keep all the products in the refrigerator!


Shelf life: 5 days in the refirgerator, up to 6 months in the freezer.

Recommended Resale Price: $30


Please choose 2 colors for the cake: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Brown, White, Purple
Primary color is for cake coating
Secondary color is for frosting

Ingredients of Birthday Cake:
Natural Peanut Butter
Natural Honey
Organic Chicken Broth
Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Baking Powder

Ingredients of Frosting:
Dry Yogurt
Tapioca Flour
Natural Food Coloring Powder 



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