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Welcome to Melis Ramos' Cookie Artistry

After you fill out this order request, I will contact you to go over details and availability. Once payment is secured, you will be booked onto my calendar. Orders must be paid in full to be booked on my calendar. 

The cost of our cookies is primarily determined by the selected add-ons and the required level of detail. Below are some instances of our various pricing tiers; however, it's important to note that these are approximate figures, and only a personalized quote can provide the exact price for your specific cookie order.

Simple Package $65+ 
Minimum 2 dozen 
For hand-decorated designs, this package may include up to 2 colors (and white), up to 3 simple shapes, and little to no writing. 

Intermediate Package $78+
Minimum 2 dozen 
Intermediate cookie designs may include up to 4 colors (and white), up to 6 shapes, and writing. It may also include florals, gold details, OR other techniques such as wet-on-wet designs. It may include simple logos.

Character/Logo Cookies - $96+
Minimum 2 dozen
Intricate cookie designs may include up to 6 colors (and white), up to 10 shapes, and writing. It may also include florals, metallic details, and other techniques such as wet-on-wet designs, and character drawings. This tier includes hand-decorated logos and characters and hand painting, too.

Our cookies' regular flavors are vanilla bean and almond vanilla unless you want to add extra flavor. Extra flavor $10.
All cookies come packaged individually in a standard box.
Individual decorative bows (favors packaging) are $10/dozen.
Individual decorative bows and tags are $15/dozen.

Pick-Up Address:
Weekdays: Houston Galleria Area. Pick-up window: 9 am to 1 pm
Weekends: West Houston / Energy Corridor. Pick-Up window: 8 am to 10 am
The address will be provided once the order is placed. 
We are located in Houston and we do not ship cookies.

Cancellation/Payment Policy
I request full payment up-front to place a custom order in our calendar. An order is not confirmed (therefore "in the books") until a payment is made. All inspiration pictures serve as inspiration only- I do not replicate others' work or our previous sets. Spots fill up pretty quickly, so we recommend booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance.
Orders that are canceled up to 2 weeks before pick up may be eligible for a partial refund (half payment).
If an order is canceled by us, you will be refunded fully.
For more questions please feel free to message me at 910 333 4384

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