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Baked with Puppy Love



Like all dog moms, I want the best, healthiest food and treats for my fur babies. Lucius' Dog Bakery began when I realized that most dog treats have sugar,  unsafe chemicals, preservatives, and even car wax (carnauba) in them. I wanted none of that for my fur baby, Lucius, so I spent hours reading articles about what is healthy for dogs, and what is unhealthy for them, common dog allergies, and stomach sensitivities. Then I began baking for him! Later Nugget (Nuggie) joined the team and they have been working for me as quality controllers or I have been working for them!


 After trying many recipes and getting approval from many doggies, baking for them became my passion. The more I saw their tails wagging, the more I wanted to bake. Now so now, here we are... 

Lucius' Dog Bakery features 100% human grade ingredients that are completely safe for dogs. All of our orders are homemade, made to order and hand decorated.


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